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Catherine Princess Of ENGLAND1502/03 CE

Catherine Princess Of ENGLAND
Birth February 2, 1502/03 CE 46 36
Palace Of The Tower, London, Middlesex, England

Death of a motherElizabeth of York Queen Of ENGLAND
February 11, 1502/03 CE (Age 9 days)
Tower of London, Middlesex, England

Death of a fatherHenry VII TUDOR King of England
April 21, 1509 (Age 6)
Shene Near, Richmond, Surrey, England

Death of a paternal grandmotherMargaret BEAUFORT
June 29, 1509 (Age 6)
, Westminster, Middlesex, England

Death of a sisterMary Queen Of FRANCE
June 24, 1533 (Age 30)
Westhorpe Hall, , Suffolk, England

Burial of a sisterMary Queen Of FRANCE
July 22, 1533 (Age 30)
Abbey Church, St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England

Death of a sisterMargaret TUDOR
November 24, 1542 (Age 39)
Methven Castle, Perthshire, Scotland

Death of a brotherHenry VIII King Of ENGLAND
January 28, 1546/47 CE (Age 43)
Whitehall, Westminster, Middlesex, England

Burial of a brotherHenry VIII King Of ENGLAND
February 16, 1546/47 CE (Age 44)
St. George's Chapel, Windsor, Berkshire, England

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Henry VII TUDOR King of England
Birth: January 28, 1456/57 CE 27 13Castle, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Death: April 21, 1509Shene Near, Richmond, Surrey, England
Elizabeth of York Queen Of ENGLAND
Birth: February 11, 1465/66 CE 23 29Westminster Palace, Westminster, Middlesex, England
Death: February 11, 1502/03 CETower of London, Middlesex, England
Marriage: January 18, 1485/86 CE, Westminster, Middlesex, England
8 months
elder brother
Arthur Prince Of ENGLAND
Birth: September 20, 1486 29 20Winchester Castle, Winchester, Hampshire, England
Death: April 2, 1502Ludlow Castle, , Shropshire, England
3 years
elder sister
Margaret TUDOR
Birth: November 29, 1489 32 23Westminster, Middlesex, England
Death: November 24, 1542Methven Castle, Perthshire, Scotland
19 months
elder brother
Birth: June 28, 1491 34 25Greenwich Palace, Greenwich, Kent, England
Death: January 28, 1546/47 CEWhitehall, Westminster, Middlesex, England
1 year
elder sister
Elizabeth Princess Of ENGLAND
Birth: July 2, 1492 35 26Palace, Richmond, Surrey, England
Death: September 14, 1494
3 years
elder brother
Son Prince Of ENGLAND
Birth: about 1494 36 27Of, Richmond Palace, Richmond, Surrey, England
2 years
elder sister
Mary Queen Of FRANCE
Birth: March 18, 1495/96 CE 39 30Richmond Palace, Richmond, Surrey, England
Death: June 24, 1533Westhorpe Hall, , Suffolk, England
3 years
elder brother
Edmund Prince Of ENGLAND
Birth: February 21, 1498/99 CE 42 33Palace, Greenwich, Kent, England
Death: about January 1499/00 CE
4 years
Catherine Princess Of ENGLAND
Birth: February 2, 1502/03 CE 46 36Palace Of The Tower, London, Middlesex, England