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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
AlfredAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAAlfred 0September 22, 17802371457237Windsor, Berkshire, England, Great Britain00August 20, 1783237251923421062Windsor, Berkshire, England, Great Britain  MYESYES 
AmeliaAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAAmelia 0August 7, 17832372506234Windsor, Berkshire, England, Great Britain00November 2, 18102382454207279948Windsor, Berkshire, England, Great Britain  FYESYES 
Amelia Sophia Eleanor HANOVER
Amelia Sophia EleanorAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAAmelia Sophia Eleanor 0July 10, 17112346180306Herrenhausen00October 31, 178623736872317527507Cavendish Square, London, England, England  FYESYES 
AugustaAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAAugusta 0July 31, 17372355698280St. James's Palace, Westminster, Middlesex, England77March 23, 181323833262047527628Hanover Square, Westminster, Middlesex, England  FYESYES 
AugustaAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAAugusta 0August 12, 17372355710280London, , England, Great Britain11March 23, 181323833262047527616London, , England, Great Britain  FYESYES 
Augusta Sophia HANOVER
Augusta SophiaAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAAugusta Sophia 0November 8, 17682367121249Buckingham, London, England, Great Britain00September 22, 184023933711777126250London, , England, Great Britain  FYESYES 
Caroline Elizabeth HANOVER
Caroline ElizabethAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAACaroline Elizabeth 0June 21, 17132346892304Herrenhausen00December 28, 175723631532604416261London, England, Great Britain  FYESYES 
Caroline Matilda HANOVER of Denmark
Caroline Matilda of DenmarkAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAACaroline Matilda of Denmark 0July 11, 17512360791266Leicester House, Westminster, Middlesex, England00May 10, 17752369495242238704Celle, Hanover, Preusen, Germany  FYESYES 
Charlotte Augusta HANOVER
Charlotte AugustaAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAACharlotte Augusta 0January 7, 17962377042222England, Great Britain00November 6, 18172385015200217973Claremont House, Esher, Surrey, England  FYESYES 
Charlotte Augusta Louisa HANOVER
Charlotte Augusta LouisaAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAACharlotte Augusta Louisa 0March 27, 18192385521198The Furstenhof, Hanover00March 27, 1819238552119800, Hanover, Germany  FYESYES 
Charlotte Augusta Matilda HANOVER
Charlotte Augusta MatildaAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAACharlotte Augusta Matilda 0September 29, 17662366350251Buckingham, London, England, Great Britain00October 6, 182823890021896222652Ludwigsburg  FYESYES 
Edward Augustus HANOVER Duke Of York
Edward Augustus Duke Of YorkAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAEdward Augustus Duke Of York 0March 25, 17392356300278England, Great Britain00September 17, 176723667032502810403Monaco  MYESYES 
Edward Augustus Of HANOVER
Edward Augustus OfAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAEdward Augustus Of 0November 2, 17672366749250Buckingham, London, England, Great Britain11January 23, 182023858231985219074Sidmouth, Devon, England, England  MYESYES 
Edward Henry Of Gloucester HANOVER
Edward Henry Of GloucesterAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAEdward Henry Of Gloucester 0November 25, 17432358006274, , England, Great Britain00August 25, 180523805592126122553, , England, Great Britain  MYESYES 
Elizabeth HANOVER
ElizabethAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAElizabeth 0May 22, 17702367681247Buckingham, London, England, Great Britain00January 10, 184023931151786925434Frankfurt, -Am-Main  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Caroline HANOVER
Elizabeth CarolineAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAElizabeth Caroline 0December 30, 17402356946277Norfolk House, London00September 14, 17592363778258186832Kew Palace  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Georgiana Adelaide HANOVER
Elizabeth Georgiana AdelaideAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAElizabeth Georgiana Adelaide 0December 10, 18202386145197London, , England, Great Britain00March 4, 18212386229196084London, , England, Great Britain  FYESYES 
Ernest Augustus HANOVER
Ernest AugustusAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAErnest Augustus 0November 17, 18872410593130Penzing Hall, Vienna, Wien, Austria22January 30, 19532434408656523815Marienburg Castle, Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany  MYESY100 
Ernest Augustus Duke of HANOVER
Ernest Augustus Duke ofAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAErnest Augustus Duke of 0November 10, 1629
2316223388Herzberg, Hannover, Prussia
, Hanover, Germany
1717January 23, 1697/98 CE (February 2, 1698)
23414253206824921Hannover, Hannover, Prussia  MYESYES 
Ernest Augustus Of Cumberland HANOVER
Ernest Augustus Of CumberlandAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAErnest Augustus Of Cumberland 0September 21, 18452395196172Hannover, Hannover, Prussia11November 14, 19232423738947828542Gmunden, Oberosterreich, Austria  MYESY100 
Ernest Augustus Prince of HANOVER
Ernest Augustus Prince ofAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAErnest Augustus Prince of 0March 18, 19142420210103Brunswick, Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germany22December 9, 19872447139307326929Hanover, Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany  MYESY100 
Frederick Louis HANOVER Of Wales
Frederick Louis Of WalesAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAFrederick Louis Of Wales 0January 31, 1706/07 CE (February 11, 1707)2344570311, Hanover, Germany1313March 31, 175123606892664416119Leicester-House, London, England, England  MYESYES 
Frederick of York HANOVER
Frederick of YorkAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAFrederick of York 0August 16, 17632365210254London, England00January 5, 182723883621916323152London, England  MYESYES 
Frederick William HANOVER
Frederick WilliamAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAFrederick William 0May 24, 17502360378267London, England00December 29, 17652366076252155698London, England  MYESYES 
GeorgeAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAGeorge 018192385618199, , England, Great Britain00190424166631148531045  MYESYES 
George I HANOVER of England
George I of EnglandAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAGeorge I of England 0May 28, 16602327511357Leineschloss, Osnabruck, Hanover, Germany55June 11, 172723519952906724484Osnabruck  MYESYES 
George II (Augustus) of England HANOVER
George II (Augustus) of EnglandAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAGeorge II (Augustus) of England 0October 30, 16832336066334Herrenhausen, Palace, Hannover, Germany1111October 25, 176023641852577628119Kensington, London, England, Great Britain  MYESYES 
George III of England HANOVER
George III of EnglandAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAGeorge III of England 0May 24, 17382355995279Norfolk-House, St. James Square, London, England1717January 29, 182023858291988129834Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England  MYESYES 
George IVAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAGeorge IV 0August 12, 17622364841255St. James' Palace11June 26, 183023896301876724789Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England  MYESYES 
George William HANOVER
George WilliamAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAGeorge William 0November 13, 17172348498300St. James' Palac00February 17, 1717/18 CE (February 28, 1718)23486052990107Kensington Palac  MYESYES 
Henry Frederick HANOVER
Henry FrederickAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAHenry Frederick 0October 27, 17452358708272Leicester House, London00September 18, 179023751052274416397London  MYESYES 
Henry Frederick HANOVER of Cumberland
Henry Frederick of CumberlandAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAHenry Frederick of Cumberland 0November 7, 17452358719272Leicester House, London00September 18, 179023751052274416386London  MYESYES 
Louisa Princess Queen Of Denmark HANOVER
LouisaAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAALouisa 0December 7, 1724
December 7, 1724
2351079293Leicester House, Westminster, Middlesex, England
Leicester House, London
55December 19, 1751
December 8, 1751
2360941266279873Christiansborg, , Denmark
Louisa Anne HANOVER
Louisa AnneAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAALouisa Anne 0March 19, 1748/49 CE (March 30, 1749)2359958268London, England00May 13, 17682366942249196984London, England  FYESYES 
Louisa Princess Queen Of Denmark HANOVER
Louisa Princess Queen Of DenmarkAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAALouisa Princess Queen Of Denmark 0December 7, 1724
December 7, 1724
2351079293Leicester House, Westminster, Middlesex, England
Leicester House, London
55December 19, 1751
December 8, 1751
2360941266279873Christiansborg, , Denmark
Ludwig Rudolph Prince of HANOVER
Ludwig Rudolph Prince ofAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAALudwig Rudolph Prince of 0November 28, 1955243544062Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany00November 29, 19892447860283412420Gmunden, Germany  MY100Y100 
MaryAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAMary 0March 5, 1722/23 CE (March 16, 1723)2350447294Leicester House, England44January 14, 177223682832464817836Hanau  FYESYES 
MaryAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAMary 0April 25, 17762369846241Buckingham, London, England, Great Britain00April 30, 185723994351608129589Piccadilly, London, England, Great Britain  FYESYES 
Mary Adelaide "Fat Mary" HANOVER
Mary AdelaideAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAMary Adelaide 018332390732185Buckingham House44189724141081216423376  FYESYES 
Octavius HANOVER
OctaviusAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAOctavius 0February 23, 17792370880238Buckingham, London, England, Great Britain00May 3, 1783237241023441530Kew Palace  MYESYES 
SophiaAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAASophia 0November 2, 17772370402240Buckingham, London, England, Great Britain00May 27, 184823961751697025773Kensington, London, England, Great Britain  FYESYES 
SophiaAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAASophia 016302316588388, Bohemia, Czech Republic88171423472683048430680  FYESYES 
Sophia Dorothea of Prussia HANOVER
Sophia Dorothea of PrussiaAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAASophia Dorothea of Prussia 0March 26, 16872337309330Hanover, Germany1414June 28, 175723629702607025661Monbijou Palace, Berlin, Germany, Germany  FYESYES 
Victoria of England HANOVER
Victoria of EnglandAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAVictoria of England 0May 24, 18192385579198London, England99January 22, 190124154071178129828Osborne House, Isle Of Wight, England, Great Britain  FYESYES 
William Augustus Of Cumberland HANOVER
William Augustus Of CumberlandAAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAWilliam Augustus Of Cumberland 0April 15, 17212349747296Leicester House00October 31, 176523660172524416270London  MYESYES 
William IV (Henry) HANOVER
William IV (Henry)AAAAHANOVERHANOVERAAAAWilliam IV (Henry) 0August 21, 17652365946252Buckingham House, St. James' Park44June 20, 183723921811807126235Windsor Castle  MYESYES