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man Reveal, Abraham F. X Fannie M. Watson* ‎1849* Clinton Co., Ohio† ‎3 Aug 1882† Hoopeston newspaper article states " A. G. Reveal, afireman on the C. & E.
woman Reveal, Ada L. X Leo Aloysius McCormack* ‎1881
man Reveal, Adam Albert * ‎18 Nov 1861* Wappello County, Iowa† ‎16 Feb 1862† Wappello County, Iowa
man Reveal, Adam W. & Sarah* ‎29 Aug 1844* Indiana
woman Reveal, Agnes Vernon 1st & Living Payne, 2nd X Raymond Hook* ‎24 Dec 1906* ?† ‎Aug 1987
woman Reveal, Ala A. * ‎1895* West Virginia
man Reveal, Albert * ‎Nov 1862* Iowa† ‎6 Feb 1863† Iowa
man Reveal, Albert Franklin X Gladys Marie Hagan* ‎15 Oct 1911* Rice Lake, WI† ‎23 Jul 1956† Multnomah County, Oregan
man Reveal, Albert J. * ‎29 Jun 1882* Charleston, West Virginia† ‎9 Sep 1883† Charleston, West Virginia
man Reveal, Albert Lewis X Nellie Alice Tolley* ‎1872* Cicero, Indiana† ‎Mar 1944† indiana
man Reveal, Albert S. X Ivy Fischer* ‎9 Jul 1874* Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia
man Reveal, Alden X Letta Esther Cunningham* ‎1892* Indiana† ‎1950
man Reveal, Alexander * ‎18 Jan 1834
woman Reveal, Alice & Stratton* ‎11 Nov 1906* Indiana
woman Reveal, Alleyno O. 1st & Oscar Nolan, 2nd X Genty Cobb* ‎1896
woman Reveal, Alliene Vera X LeRoy Perry Metcalfe* ‎14 Aug 1915* ?† ‎9 Oct 1985† Frankton, IN
woman Reveal, Alta P. X Fred G. Heckman* ‎Sep 1885* Jackson County, Indiana
man Reveal, Andrew B. * ‎1858
man Reveal, Andrew J. 1st & Sarah, 2nd X Martha Jane McNatt* ‎May 1836* Indiana
woman Reveal, Annie B. X Clifton W. Myers* ‎1875* Kentucky† ‎1961† Mt. Olivet, KY
man Reveal, Arthur * ‎1884* Kanawha County, West Virginia† ‎3 Jul 1884† Kanawha County, West Virginia
man Reveal, Arthur S. * ‎18 Aug 1888* Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia
man Reveal, Baby Boy * ‎15 Jun 1896† ‎14 Sep 1896
woman Reveal, Baby Girl
woman Reveal, Barbara L. * ‎2 Nov 1933† ‎26 May 2001† Greenville, SC
man Reveal, Benjamin * ‎1860
man Reveal, Benjamin Morgan X Alice Mildred Pound* ‎1 Mar 1883* Terre Haute, IN† ‎29 Mar 1962† Teree Haute, IN
man Reveal, Bennett * ‎7 Jun 1894* Charleston, West Virginia† ‎24 Jun 1898† Charleston, West Virginia
woman Reveal, Bertha M. X Elmer Gardner* ‎13 Nov 1889* Kansas† ‎Sep 1963
woman Reveal, Bertha M. * ‎1893