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woman ENGLAND, Adaele (Alice) Princess Of * ‎± 1062* Of,, Normandie† ‎8 Mar 1134/35† , Marsilly, Aquitaine
woman ENGLAND, Aethelreda Princess Of & Earl Of NORTHUMBERLAND Gospatric
woman ENGLAND, Agatha Princess Of * ‎± 1064* ,, Normandy, France† ‎before 1086† ,, Calvados, France
woman ENGLAND, Agatha Von Brunswick Princess Of X Edward "Atheling" Prince Of ENGLAND* ‎± 1019* Braunschweig, Prussia† ‎after 1070
man ENGLAND, Alexander John Charles Albert Prince Of * ‎6 Apr 1871* Marlborough, London, England, Great Britain† ‎7 Apr 1871† ,, Norfolk, England
woman ENGLAND, Alfgifu (Aelflaed) Queen Of X Ethelred II "The Unready" King Of ENGLAND* ‎± 968* Of Wessex, England
man ENGLAND, Alfred "The Great" King Of X Ealhswith Queen Of ENGLAND* ‎± 848* Of, Wantage, Berkshire, England† ‎26 Oct 901† , Winchester, Hampshire, England
man ENGLAND, Alfred Prince Of * ‎± 1002* ,, Wessex, England† ‎± 1036† ,, , England
woman ENGLAND, Alice Princess Of * ‎12 Mar 1278/79* Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England† ‎1291† Unmarried
man ENGLAND, Alphonso Prince Of * ‎24 Nov 1273* , Bayonne, Basses-Pyrenees, France† ‎19 Aug 1284
woman ENGLAND, Anna Queen Of X Richard II King Of ENGLAND* ‎11 May 1366* , Praha, Praha, Czechoslovakia† ‎7 Jun 1394† La Neyt, Shene Palace, Surrey, England
woman ENGLAND, Anne Princess Of * ‎2 Nov 1475* , Westminster, Middlesex, England† ‎after 22 Nov 1511† , Framlingham, Suffolk, England
woman ENGLAND, Anne Queen Of X Georg Prince Of DENMARK & NORWAY* ‎6 Feb 1664/65* St. James Palace, Westminster, Middlesex, England† ‎1 Aug 1714† Kensington Palace, Westminister, Middlesex, England
man ENGLAND, Arthur Prince Of X Catalina (Catherine) Queen Of ENGLAND Catherine* ‎20 Sep 1486* Winchester Castle, Winchester, Hampshire, England† ‎2 Apr 1502† Ludlow Castle,, Shropshire, England
man ENGLAND, Athelstan Prince Of * ‎± 986* Of Wessex, England† ‎1016† England
woman ENGLAND, Beatrice Princess Of * ‎25 Jun 1242* , Bordeaux, Gascogne, France† ‎24 Mar 1274/75† ,, Bretagne, France
woman ENGLAND, Beatrice Princess Of * ‎1286* , Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, France
woman ENGLAND, Berengaria Princess Of * ‎1276* , Kennington, Berkshire, England
woman ENGLAND, Blanche Princess Of * ‎Mar 1342/43* Tower Of London, London, Middlesex, England† ‎Mar 1342/43
woman ENGLAND, Blanche Princess Of * ‎1290* Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England
woman ENGLAND, Bridget Princess Of * ‎10 Nov 1480* , Eltham, Kent, England† ‎1517
woman ENGLAND, Caroline Amelia Elizabeth Queen Of * ‎17 May 1768* Wolfenbhuttel, Braunschweig, Germany† ‎7 Aug 1821† Brandenburg House, Hammersmith, Middlesex, England
woman ENGLAND, Catherine Princess of * ‎± 14 Aug 1479* , Eltham, Kent, England† ‎15 Nov 1527† Castle, Tiverton, Devonshire, England
woman ENGLAND, Catherine Princess Of * ‎25 Nov 1253* Westminster, London, Middlesex, England† ‎3 May 1256† , Westminster, Middlesex, England
woman ENGLAND, Cecilia Princess Of * ‎± 1055* ,, Normandy, France† ‎30 Jul 1126† , Caen, Calvados, France
woman ENGLAND, Cecily Princess Of * ‎20 Mar 1468/69* Of, Westminster, Middlesex, England† ‎24 Aug 1507† Abbey, Quarr, Isle Of Wight, England
man ENGLAND, Charles I King Of X Henriette Marie Princess Of FRANCE* ‎19 Nov 1600* Dunfirmline, Fifeshire, Scotland, Scotland† ‎30 Jan 1647/48† Whitehall Palace, Westminster, Middlesex, England
man ENGLAND, Charles II King Of 1st X Lucy WALTERS, 2nd X Elizabeth KILLIGREW, 3rd X Catherine PEGGE, 4th X Eleanor (Nell) GWYN, 5th X Louise Ren┬ębe De PENANCOET, 6th X Mary (Moll) DAVIS Actress, 7th X Eleanor NEEDHAM, 8th X Ortensia MANCINI, 9th X Maria STUARDO, 10th X Barbara VILLIERS Duchess of Cleveland, 11th X Catharina Henriette Princess Of PORTUGAL* ‎29 May 1630* St. James Palace, Westminster, Middlesex, England† ‎6 Feb 1684/85† Whitehall, Westminster, Middlesex, England
man ENGLAND, Charles Prince Of * ‎4 Jul 1666* St. James Palace, Westminster, Middlesex, England† ‎22 May 1667† St. James Palace, Westminster, Middlesex, England