Thursday, March 22, 2018
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So back in June of 2014, I promised to do some updates to the site but I got bogged down in issues with my hosting provider. I wanted to give you guys a better, flashier site engine but the PHP version on the old host was archaic. I know, I shouldn't judge, the content on this site was getting pretty archaic too. 

So now it's October of 2015 and I finally did the research and set up on a new host. It won't be live until I do all the prelims to move the email too but it is October and I'm writing this article on the new version of Joomla, 3.4.3, and it will be live in a few weeks. Once that is done then I won't have any excuse to keep me from adding content. With this new provider I made sure to get all the bells and whistles so I can, once again, offer namesake email addresses to people named Reveile on a first come first serve basis and maybe a few other perks to having an alpha geek named Reveile in the extended family.

By the way. I still have all the old content but I'm only planning on restoring the Reveile family genealogical stuff and I have a separate site for my own personal use. I may post that address down the road sometime after it's up and running as well.